The Ambitious Woman

Author: Esther Spina
Title: The Ambitious Woman

Subtitle: What It Takes and Why You Want to Be One

Daar is baie min boeke deur vroue skrywers vir vroue-lesers in die suksesliteratuur- en besigheidsmark. The Ambitious Woman deur Esther Spina is daarom ‘n uitstekende voorbeeld van ‘n boek wat, hoewel dit op vroue gerig is, uitstekend vaar in die mark tussen ander topverkopers.

Die boek is geskryf uit die oogpunt van ‘n suksesvolle sakevrou wat nie die vinnige bevorderingsroete van jong vroue in die tegniese-industrie gevolg het nie, maar wie ‘n suksesvolle loopbaan uit verkope gemaak het – seker een van die moeilikste werke ter wêreld.

Deurlopend verwys Spina egter na die “Ambisieuse vrou” as iemand wat jy in al die vlakke van die samelewing sal opspoor – nie net onder beroemdes nie. Die Ambisieuse vrou besit karaktertrekke soos inpsirasie, bemagtiging and motivering wat sy gebruik om mense te help om hul doelwitte te bereik.

Spina verwys ook na hoe jou persoonlike keuses jou lot in die lewe kan beïnvloed en hoe belegging in jouself die sleutel tot jou persoonlike sukses kan word. Daar is baie eg-Amerikaanse voorbeelde soos Diana Nyad en Barbara Walters (en ‘n paar onbekende kennisse van die skrywer), maar moenie dat dit jou stuit om die uitstekende boek op te tel en die lesse joune te maak nie.

There are very few books on business and success literature by women for women and this makes The Ambitious Woman by Esther Spina so much more powerful, but it compares well to other top sellers in its niche.

The book is written from the viewpoint of a successful woman who didn’t ride the fast track to high-tech riches like so many youthful greats. Spina is a self-made woman who succeeded at commissioned sales, which is probably the world’s worst job!

Throughout the book Spina shows that Ambitious Women are found in all walks of life – the famous and the not-so-famous. They embody characteristics such as inspiration, empowerment and motivation to help people accomplish their goals. Ambitious Women can be humble and loyal; they are disciplined and have a never-give-up attitude. Real and genuine ambitious people care about others; they are not self-centered. They are “ambitious” about seeing others succeed, and creating win-win relationships in all areas of life.

She also touches on how your choices determine your destiny and the great key to personal success: investing in yourself.
Don’t be put off by the very American profiles the likes of Diana Nyad and Barbara Walters (and a few friends (?) of the author). There is still more than enough to take to home in this great read.

Best quote: “If you want to be successful, then you must choose to do what ambitious people do. How about the stay-at-home mom who knows how to handle her kids and keeps her home running smoothly–she’s successful. What about the woman who can balance her career and family–she’s successful. The woman who is determined to earn her degree, the woman who is a visionary and is making her dream a reality, the woman who is consistent in character and the way she lives life–they are all successful. Why? Because they are Ambitious Women.”

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